EC should create online registration for Ghanaians stuck outside due to coronavirus to register

A lot of Ghanaians having valid Ghana cards and passports are stuck outside due to the closure of borders.

Many of them may want to register to vote in the December 7th election.

It would be necessary for a registration link to be created online so these people could register online and authorise the EC to use the biometrics they provided when registering for the Ghana card or the passport.

When doing the online registration people could provide or indicate the communities or polling stations where they may want to cast their votes by providing their digital or GPS addresses.

The EC could create a department or an office to be in charge of this online registration.

The online registration names or list at the moment could be provided as a supplementary voters register for polling stations where this might be applicable.

On the day of the election, these online registrants would be required to provide their passports or Ghana cards as their IDs for verification before they are allowed to vote.

My vote is my inalienable right. Please help me to vote.

Registering online with passports and Ghana card information can work successfully.

The only difference between registering at a polling station in Ghana and registering online will be the physical absence of the prospective online registrant at a polling station for their biometrics to be captured. This won’t be a major problem as their biometrics have already been captured when applying for Ghana cards and passports.

By the way, registering at a polling station and registering online both capture data of the applicant.

The difference between this online window registration and ROPAA happens to be the location where the applicant will vote.

Whilst ROPAA is seeking the opportunity for Ghanaians to vote in other countries this online registration will require prospective Ghanaian registrants to vote at polling stations within Ghana.

If people can apply for passports online why can’t people whose biometric data have already been captured register online to vote?

Already Ghana card and passport authorities have captured people’s facial recognition.