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Advocating, Organizing & Empowering the Ghanaian Diaspora

Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective, the largest Ghanaian diaspora organization, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit social welfare advocacy group dedicated to empowering Ghanaians in the Diaspora through civic and political action.
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We are committed to working collectively as Ghanaians, people of Ghanaian descent and friends of Ghana to encourage civic engagement and advance policies through research, education, and community building.
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Powerful Diaspora Community Connects You to 1,000+ Top Influential Ghanaians You Need To Know To Quickly Grow Your Network, Career, Unlock New Opportunities
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Our Forward Ever Collective Foundation addresses acute challenges faced by the local and global Ghanaian community and builds community capacity.
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Public Policy Advocacy

GHPAC’s Policy Advocacy strategy focuses on issues impacting Ghanaians no matter where we live. We strive to improve the lives of Ghanaians through action. In the United States, we have influenced policies impacting immigration policy, job creation, small business support, affordable housing, access to education, and U.S-Africa relations. In Ghana, we focus on policies impacting Diasporans, sustainable development, trade, equitable economic transformation, health care, youth development and education.

Political Engagement

Ghana Diaspora Political Action Committee is the political arm of Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective established to increase the number of Ghanaian Americans elected to political office, support candidates that champion the interests of the Ghanaian American community and promote Ghanaian American participation in the political process.

We are a hybrid PAC with the ability to financially give directly to candidates as well as contribute unlimited amounts towards electioneering efforts.

Community Building

The Forward Ever Collective Foundation is a charitable non-profit 501 (c)(3) affiliated with Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective (“GHPAC”) established to address the acute challenges faced by the local and global Ghanaian community, and build community capacity. FECF provides grants to support select educational and outreach programs, including voter education, youth empowerment, research, educational seminars/trade missions, educational materials and conferences, and leadership programs.

Organizing Smartly. Advocating Collectively. Empowering the Ghanaian Diaspora

Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective is a nonpartisan, nonprofit social welfare advocacy organization dedicated to working collectively as Ghanaians, people of Ghanaian descent and friends of Ghana to encourage civic engagement and advance policy through research, education, and community building – this is our mission.

What We Do

Engage Lawmakers
GHPAC advocates for the establishment of a Ghana Congressional Caucuses at the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. We organize Capitol Hill visits, write letters to federal and state agencies, engage municipalities on sister-city agreements, and petition on various policy issues.
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Candidate Training and Support
GHPAC helps Ghanaians run for office by providing financial contributions, support for electioneering efforts, consulting for candidates and candidate training.
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Voter Registration/GOTV
GHPAC mobilizes Ghanaians to vote in upcoming elections by organizing voter education activities such as candidate meet and greets, issue townhalls, Souls to the Polls, and voter protection at polling stations.
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Legislative Advocacy
The organization monitors legislation affecting immigration, trade, healthcare, and education, ensuring that the interests and concerns of the Ghanaian diaspora are represented. Visit our legislative bill tracker and connect with the GHPAC Federal and State Policy Team to learn about policies impacting Ghanaians.
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Immigration Legal Support
Our ILS Program is tailored to support those in the Ghanaian American community who are often scared and confused by the legal system and cannot afford legal representation from private attorneys to support their naturalisation case. GHPAC works with federal and state lawmakers to advocate on behalf of Ghanaians facing unjust immigration issues.
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U.S.-Africa Trade & Investment
GHPAC leverages the influence and expertise of the Ghanaian diaspora to foster economic collaboration between the United States and Africa. The collective actively engages in policy advocacy, working with U.S. lawmakers and African governments to create favorable trade policies and investment climates. GHPAC organizes trade missions, bringing American businesses to Ghana and other African countries to explore investment opportunities and establish partnerships. These missions provide a platform for direct interaction between U.S. investors and African businesses.
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Bringing Global Ghanaian Community Together
Through a series of virtual and in-person activities, GHPAC celebrates the Ghanaian culture and heritage as well as provides channels to increase collaboration across the global Ghanaian community. These events facilitate connections among Ghanaian professionals, entrepreneurs, and community members, fostering mutual support and collaboration.
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We're Supporting Ghanaians for Office Everywhere

Since our establishment, GHPAC has been empowering Ghanaians to run for office. We train, finance and influence voters to make informed decisions about our candidates

Latest News


WASHINGTON D.C. (November 23, 2022) – In keeping with our commitment to empower Ghanaians in the Diaspora through civic and political action, Ghana Diaspora PAC today celebrates in the historic victories of three candidates of Ghanaian descent in the 2022 mid-term elections: Delegate Adrian Boafo (MD-23), State Rep. Allen Buansi

Statement on Georgia Voter Overhaul: SB 202

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 – WASHINGTON, D.C.  “As Ghanaians and descendants of Ghanaian heritage, we are proud to be the connected to the first Sub-Saharan African nation to declare its independence from British colonial rule. The democratic tradition the binds our two nations is a sacred cornerstone in the advancement

Biden taps Ghanaian Liberian millennial for key White House role

The Biden White House has tapped another African for key White House role. Gabe Kofi Amo has been appointed as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs to assist Julie Chavez Rodriguez in liaising with all elected officials from the state and local governments.